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Viasat is a satellite and pay television brand, co-owned by the Swedish media group Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT) in the Nordic countries, Sony Pictures Television in Hungary, and by Viasat World internationally. Founded in Sweden in 1991, Viasat has previously been owned by Modern Times Group. The channels of both companies are broadcast from London.

A former data engineer advises to avoid the company if possible, citing 3 reasons:

1. Unstable, everyday someone is leaving. 2. No career growth and no interest in employee development. 3. No focus on technology or people.


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Former Employee - Data Engineer says

"I worked at Viaplay full-time for more than a year Cons: Unstable, everyday someone is leaving No career growth and no interest in employee development No focus on technology or people"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Viaplay full-time Cons: Many organizational changes. Not employee focused"

Kian says

"It's the worst streaming service I've used. Most of the content I've watched on the various Viasat channels are not available on ViaPlay. It's mostly trashy (and I mean TRASHY) reality shows, or 3 random seasons of this show, and 2 and a half of this other show that got cancelled in 2012. Some of the movies are okay, but most of those anyone would want to watch you have to rent - well hello, Disney! But the worst thing about ViaPlay is how slow it is. It takes FOREVER to navigate around the site, from I push a button to it actually responds. Forget about searching a title, it takes half an hour to type in a title and meanwhile its trying to update the search results when you just move across a letter, so you'll have to wait even longer. Seriously it's so bad that I often just give up. We ordered food the other day and wanted to find something to watch - well we were done eating once it was ready to play the intro of the show. Also, the subtitles weren't working... so we had to switch to a different language and then switch back, which was the same "every time you do something, before even selecting, please wait 15 seconds to a minute". We're not on broadband and this is not 1997. P.S. Please customer service, do not respond to this because I don't care about what you've been trained to reply - it is simply unacceptable and ViaPlay is shitake. Bye."

Martin says

"The monopoly of showing certain football games is sickening. I just want to watch the games of Manchester United, but I can't even pay just for football. To watch football I have to pay for seires, child series, fighting and movies as well, even though I don't want it and never watches it. Fck you and the way you extort me to pay for more than I want, just because I love my club."

Sims says

"Such bad service that you can only have two simultaneous screens active. Worst streaming service out there. At least netflix lets you buy bigger packages which include multiple active screens (up to 4 or 5) which is perfect for a family. Viaplay sucks"

Bjarne says

"Exstreamly bad. Even free movies do not work, and has never worked. We can download movies but we cannot see them. It shows is is downloaded and playing but time just goes to end and nothing shows. And no support! We do NOT want to buy more from you!"

Peter Osbæck says

"the price is mostly fair if you only want to watch movies and series, but there is only about 25% that you can see with your normal sub, you then have to rent or buy the movie you want to see to unlock it, and this is simply to greedy for my taste, netflix and Hbo you only have to pay a sub and then you are free to watch all you want, i would rather give them my money then this one, simply to greedy for my taste."

Anders Mikkelsen says

"When I cancled it said it was canceled but the next month I got a invoice again, I canceled again and the same thing happend again... Would rate 0 stars if I could."

O. Jensen says

"If I could give zero stars, I would. I recently found out I’ve been paying for a subscription the last 6 months, that I didn’t use or had access to, so I tried to contact Viaplay customer service at 5 different occasions to have the subscription annulled but nobody answers the phone! There isn’t any indication of how long you’ll be waiting. You’re just put on hold indefinitely. It’s absurd. I also tried to get help through their ‘messenger customer service’ but the response time varies from 3-5 days and they refer to their customer service phone number if you need a quicker response. What a joke!!"

Taylor Ryen says

"Too slow. Never worked. Cancellation didn't work. Not worth it. Absolutely the worst thing that someone has tried to come up with in order to compete with Netflix"

Dlock says

"Heres my take on why I rate viaplay one star: The app itself (on tv) is terrible. It crashes at random times for no reason. I don't have this issue on other platforms. Then you pay a high monthly fee for barely any content. All the content you have to pay extra for! And now after more than 24 hours there has been no subtitles. They put a note about it claiming they will fix it, but don't. I left Netflix due to their lack or content, but viaplay is worse since they make you pay extra for the latest and better movies"

Hashim Khan says

"Dosent have 80% of the stuff you want to watch, and the stuff they do have, they will make you pay for. LIKE WTH? IM ALREADY PAYING FOR A HECKING SUBSCRIPTION AND NOW THEY WANT ME TO PAY FOR WATCHING MOVIES **ON TOP OF THE SUBSCRIPTION**??? So paying subscription is just to get access to paying for movies? Oh and dont get me started on the whole "too many devices watching". Lol i would not recommend this at all ps. trustpilot woulndt let me use the f-word"

steve says

"i gotta pay a subscription and have to buy/rent most of the movies i want to watch? flarv off"

M says

"Whether they're money-grabbing jerks or just totally incompetent, I don't know, but seriously don't join Viaplay. Their service is deplorable. I have tried to cancel my account for over half a year, and they are STILL taking money from my bank account. I have followed their instructions and cancelled it manually over a couple dozen times, but nothing happens. And it is ridiculously difficult to get in contact with them. I have sent e-mails and managed once to speak to them over the phone, but no matter what I do, they keep taking my money."

Andreea Camelia Chiuzbaian says

"doesnt work! tried to watch lost and loading takes forever. actually it s not loading at all. on top of that there is no sound."

Timo P says

"Tried using it in Playsation 3 but it is extremely slow on PS3. Every press of a button you need to wait for a minute or so to anything happen. Works much better on 20 year old computers. I don't know who programmed ps3 viaplay program, but it really needs upgrade where *EVERY* performance thing needs to be rewritten. Movies, once you manage to get one running runs just fine. It just takes you a hour or two to find the one you want to watch."

Bob says

"Sneaky dirty company! They charged a card linked to my account for over a year even thought as confirmed by them the account was not actively being used. Not once during that time did they email a receipts as to them taking payment. Nor did they notify me of a increase in the price. **Got a reply from Viaplay, Where they compare their service with a magazine subscription. We live in a very different time to magazine subscriptions, it is allot easier to keep your customers informed. They also ignored the fact that they didn't communicate a price increase**"

Mikkel L says

"Like others have commented, you can not get a trial if the credit card used for the trial has been used for a Viaplay service before. So if you for some reason use a friends, partner, parent or whoevers credit card to start a trial account for yourself, you have to make sure that their card has not been used with Viaplay before. This is not stated clearly anywhere through the process of signing up. Even after the credit card has been saved to the account, the viaplay homepage will still offer you a trial. But after you accept the trial you will get charged for the full month, with not explanation why. When i contacted Viaplay i was told that the credit card had been used before, and that i couldn't get a refund because i already used the service (this is the morning after i ordered the service, when i realised i had been charged). This doesn't seem reasonable because of course i used the service, since i was never told that i was going to be charged anything through the whole process. The customer service is really bad, and apparently nobody in the company has the authority to help with or change anything, even though the terms are extremely unclear when you sign up for the service."

Veronika Proks says

"I had a trial version of the Viaplay before and my sibling wanted to test it out by my recommendation. As it was only possible with Danish credit card and they live in Slovakia, I registered another account for them with the same credit card. I thought it will be a trial version again but then noticed I have been charged so I called the customer service and they assured me that my money will be returned and my subscription cancelled. In the end of the month I checked my finances and saw that that did not happen. I, nor my sibling used the Viaplay during the month and I called the customer service again only to be told that there is nothing they can do and I cannot get my money back. I paid 99 kr for nothing and if they at least told me from the beginning that they cannot refund me I would use the month of subscription which I did not. I am very disappointed in their customer service giving false information."

Mikkel Sand says

"I was eating dinner when i got an email that I just had subbed to the total pack 339 ddk. When i called customer service they told me that i couldnt get my money back since somebody had used my account. This was 10 min after i got the email. I reacted as fast as i could and they didnt give me a my money back...... Was told to contact the police, which is a loooong process. I just want to close my account and get my money back. The money i never used."

Jager says

"Can’t play movies/series on viaplay through Ps4 . Everytime I press play it buffers for about 5-10 min until I get a message with “error: 2001:. I’ve checked everything from my internet to updates but nothing is wrong. Every other streaming app I have on the ps4 runs great so idk. Basically I’m paying for a subscription that I can’t even use on my ps4."

LD says

"Viaplay highlights are poorly edited. Long cross fades between highlights, commentary cuts out mid sentence and multiple flash frames per edit. It looks like they are edited by someone who has no editing experience. In this day and age it\'s not that hard for someone to put a little bit of effort in to create engaging highlights. I sincerely hope they are not using bots to compile the highlights because it\'s \"cost effective\". For the exuberant price I pay I expect a lot more. Shame on Viaplay, pathetic service."

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